Nathan Montgomery

Nathan is a 4 year member of Saoco. He is also the founder of jazz/funk trio The New Groove which features Nathan playing bass guitar and keyboard simultaneously accompanied by Terry Dangerfield on saxophone and Clint Sabon on drums.

Nathan started playing guitar with the inspiration and guidance from his Dad at the age of 9. Since then he has participated in numerous school band programs ranging from elementary to high school. After years of practice, and awarded a full scholarship, Nathan attended Wayne State University, graduating in 2002, with a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Performance.

Nathan has taught private lessons at Gus Zoppi Music Center in Sterling Heights since 1994, averaging 50 students weekly. His students have achieved many awards including the National Championship of the American Guild of Music competition 3 times and runner up twice with many other 1st place awards in various categories. Many of his students have gone on to study at the college level and perform professionally.

Nathan also teaches the guitar program at Arts Academy in the Woods, a charter high school in Warren, MI. The curriculum includes theory, technique, writing and arranging, creative thinking and much more. For more information, please visit